Why choose Shot Doctor?

Getting Started

Whether you’re a complete rookie or just looking to improve your overall shooting capabilities Shot Doctor has you covered. Track, analyse, learn and improve; you’ll never need anything else.

Target Shooter

Are you a target shooter aiming for that perfect group of shots? Or are you unsure what needs improvement to increase your overall shooting skill? Shot Doctor can help you, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

Hunter & Outdoorsman

Shot Doctor will be your new best friend. Our technology has everything you’ll ever need when out in the field – right down to augmented reality to help you accurately identify holdover for that next trophy shot.

Pros & Experts

Whether you’re a pro shooter or army sniper you’ll wonder how you got by without Shot Doctor in the past. With the power you now have at your fingertips, you can focus on the job at hand and leave the science up to us.


Analyse Your Skills

Work out how to improve

In-built analytics

Allows you to easily track your shooting skills through a single numerical score

Track Your Handloads

Simplify your processes

The Ultimate Database

Assign a label and easily refer back to the data safely stored on your device and in the cloud

Ballistic Calculator

Never miss again

Eliminate Guesswork

Automatically takes into account environmental variables and visually shows trajectory

Connect Socially

Share, learn and win

Meet Like-minded People

Access anonymous data, share your own successes and enter competitions for real prizes

Improve Your Abilities

Tips and tricks from the pros

Learn New Techniques

Establish where your skills might be lacking and learn new techniques to help you improve

Access Others Handloads

No need to work up your own loads

Eliminate Trial & Error

Access anonymous handload data by calibre, firearm system and more to save you time and money

Augmented Reality

Use Your Camera Like Never Before

Technology Of The Future

Hold up your phone, look at the screen, and see exactly where you should aim

Setup Competitions

Friends, clubs or community

See Who Comes Out On Top

Setup your own competitions to see who can score the most points and progress up the global leaderboard

Weather & Forecast

Conditions at your fingertips

Know Your Environment

View current weather conditions while automatically tracking environmental variables that will influence how you shoot

Consumables Database

Active shopping list

Stay On Top Of What You Need

Barcode scan, select from the database or add your own items so you know what you need at the store

Advanced Concepts

Accounts for all ballistic effects

Eliminate Pen & Paper

Never have to do a manual calculation again with the inclusion of every advanced ballistic effect formula

Vicarious Learning

Everybody wins

See Anonymous Information

Access anonymous data about the weather, elevation, time of day and much more to help you hunt more successfully

GPS & Navigation

Avoid geographical embarassment

Maps & Compass

Access a compass and terrain maps to make sure you know where you are. Help avoid nasty surprises

Databases Galore

Firearms, ammo, scopes & more

Use Ours Or Your Own

The most extensive database of items known to man, select items directly or add your own

Become A Pro

Work your way up the leaderboard

Dedication To Our Sport

Participate in competitions and the like to progress up the global leaderboard. Get access to invitation only events.

All This And Much More

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Analytics & Ballistic Calculator

Visually look at a number of factory or handloads to compare their ballistic performance

Consider as many or as few variables as you want, turning them on/off or defining them with ease

Can take into consideration:

  • ballistic coefficient
  • velocity, time of flight, drop and lateral jump
  • G1 – G7 and Pejsa drag
  • vertical angles and gyroscopic drift
  • Coriolis, Magnus, Poisson and Eotvos Effects
  • effect of air density/pressure/temperature and more

Get numerical, unbiased data related to your ammunition, firearm system, personal performance, environmental variables etc. - delve as deeply as you like

Presents your shooting skill in an easily understood numerical score, allowing you to analyse your performance

Allows for simple analysis of variables that influence your shooting and highlights ways to improve

Augmented Reality

The most advanced and unique concept ever conceived, allowing the shooter to eliminate every element of guess work

Three simple steps

  1. Quickly define a couple of variables (most are automatically set for you via data sources)
  2. Point your mobile devices camera at the target, like you want to take a photo (hold it by hand or use the rugged cradle)

At this point, your device calculates the precise holdover position for you, and highlights it – even showing you the correct crosshair for the optics you are using

  1. Aim and shoot

This rugged cradle device that attaches to your scope/optics means you’ll not have to worry about holding your device, then swapping to your firearm. Your device will simply integrate onto it – like looking at a miniature tv screen instead of putting your eye to the eyepiece/lens

Oh, and you know all those variables mentioned in the ballistic calculator? You guessed it – it takes all those into account when running its calculations!

Handloaders’ Tool

Access our database of handloads, which includes handloads automatically and anonymously provided via the app

Filter by calibre, firearm, barrel twist and other options so you can quickly identify the perfect load – no more trial and error establishing new loads

Track all your own handloads with ease, always know what you have in your safe, and more importantly what loads worked the best for each firearm

Link your handloads to their performance, including photos of the group or trophy for later analysis

All your data synced seamlessly to the cloud for fast, easy access whether you’re on your mobile, tablet or PC. This means no need to replicate your data in multiple locations or worry which data is up to date

Firearm, Optic & Ammunition Databases

Extensive databases of:

  • Factory ammunition
  • All major projectile manufacturers projectiles
  • Models of scopes/optics from hundreds of manufacturers, including reticles for use in augmented reality and elsewhere.
  • Models of firearm from hundreds of manufacturers including each firearms technical specifications, barrel length, twist rate etc.
  • Anonymous handload data searchable by calibre, firearm system, projectile weight and many more. No more guess work, no more trial and error, just find the best factory or handload ammunition with ease for your firearm and/or chosen application
  • Anonymous database of where people have bagged game and in what conditions (without providing location specific information) to help you hunt more effectively

Data includes general area such as ‘Eastern Victoria’ or ‘North-Western Alberta’, elevation, environmental conditions, time of day, distance to target, total visibility plus plenty of other variables to look at

Start planning your hunting trips based on animal behaviour at certain times of day or in certain types of whether rather than relying on guess work, guides or experience you just don’t have

Navigation Aid

No need for a separate GPS device or paper map with our in-built navigation aid

See exactly where you are, where you have been, as well as other environment information like elevation and coordinates

Our map data has contour lines, tracks, roads, creeks, rivers, camp sites as well as everything else you would expect from a traditional paper map or GPS system

Allows you to easily navigate from one point to another, or use the in-built compass to set a bearing. See exactly what is ahead, how the lie of the land will change, all from a convenient and easy to use touch screen interface

All data integrates seamlessly with other aspects of Shot Doctor to minimise any manual entry of variables for analytics and ballistic calculations such as elevation

Up-to-date Weather

Hand in hand with the navigation aid comes our up-to-date weather information. No getting caught out in a sudden thunder storm or taking the wrong clothing on a day long hike or hunt.

Look at a forecast for the day, access extended forecasts or delve as deeply as you like into the conditions around your area

Access estimated hourly temperatures, radar images and localised extreme weather warnings

All data integrates seamlessly with other aspects of Shot Doctor to minimise any manual entry of variables for analytics and ballistic calculations

No need to enter items such as relative humidity, wind speed and direction, ambient temperature and the like

Share, Meet & Compete

As they say, sharing is caring. Or you could be mean and opt out.

Easily provide all your anonymous data to the wider community to help everybody learn, be it target shooting, hunting or any other discipline – your experiences help teach the ‘next’ generation of shooters while learning yourself

Additionally, get advice from seasoned professionals on how to take your abilities to the next level

Show your friends, club or the community as a whole your latest trophy, group or other achievement

Join, create or get invited to competitions with virtual or real world prizes

Progress up the global leader board and gain exclusive access to invitation only events



comp3 comp1 comp2
Add your own firearms ticks ticks ticks
Add your own ammunition ticks ticks ticks
Add your own optics ticks ticks ticks
Track your handloads (brass, propellant, projectile, COAL etc.) ticks ticks ticks
Access our database of firearms ticks ticks
Access our database of ammunition ticks ticks
Access our database of optics ticks ticks
Access to anonymous handload data ticks
Link photos of trophy/group with all other data ticks ticks ticks
Find the types of environments others have bagged game in ticks
Single numerical score to track shooting performance ticks ticks ticks
See which factors influence your skill most ticks ticks
Learn new techniques to improve your skills ticks ticks
Access anonymous performance data to see how you compare ticks
Shopping List
Track consumables to be bought ticks ticks
Add items through barcode scan ticks ticks
Track your costs per firearm, event type, etc. ticks
Analyse your spending & see where your money goes ticks
Establish ways to save money ticks
Ballistic Calculator
Visually graphs bullet trajectory ticks ticks ticks
Manually set environmental variables ticks ticks ticks
Automatically set environmental variables ticks ticks
Considers intermediate ballistic effects (BC, velocity etc.) ticks ticks
Identifies scope holdover position ticks ticks
Considers advanced ballistic effects (G1-G7 drag, coriolis effect etc.) ticks
Identifies scope holdover through augmented reality ticks
Event Tracking
Track your event (practice, comp, hunt) ticks ticks ticks
Manually define firearm system, environment etc. ticks ticks ticks
Automatically tracks most variables ticks ticks
GPS & Weather
Shows current environmental conditions ticks ticks ticks
Automatically defines location ticks ticks
Displays extended forecast ticks ticks
In-built compass for reference ticks ticks
Advanced weather forecast (radar images, rain graphs etc.) ticks
In-built map data for navigation ticks
Activity feed ticks ticks ticks
Share your achievements with friends, clubs or community ticks ticks ticks
Share your anonymous data to help others learn and improve ticks ticks ticks
Learn from seasoned professionals ticks ticks
Join or create competitions ticks ticks
Win prizes and progress up the global ladder ticks
Get access to invitation only events ticks

Frequently Asked Questions

What the hell is augmented reality?

Augmented reality takes the guess work out of hitting your target. It automatically shows you your holdover position, visually, while you look at your target. There is an example of how this looks above in the Highlights section.

How does augmented reality actually work?

Augmented reality taps into a number of different data sources including GPS, weather, ammunition and weapons system performance to establish the elements that will change how you aim, on the ground, in your exact location. Simply define a distance and a couple of key variables, hold your device up as if you were going to take a photo, and see exactly where you need to aim. There is an example of how this looks above in the Highlights section.

Of course the bracket that I have designed eliminates the need to hold your device, securely fastening it to your optic for hands free use.

What does 'cloud enabled' mean?

Cloud enabled means that all your data is safely and securely stored in the cloud. From your point of view this means you can access your weapons systems, ammunition and other data from any device, whenever you want. It also means that any handloads you put into your database on your PC, are accessible at the range on your phone and vice versa. Now you can have your data everywhere that you are, without the need to replicate things in different locations.

Why isn’t my question listed?

Probably because we weren’t smart enough to anticipate it.

Feel free to email us via enquiries (at) shotdoc (dot) net and we will respond as soon as we can. We’ll also add your question and our answer here to benefit the wider community